lorenzo buonomo

Born in Andria (BA), Italy, in 1943, he graduated in Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin in 1968. During the following years, in the early 1970’s, he had the opportunity to gather valuable experience working with Felice
Bertone’s engineering firm.
He participated in the realization of high profile projects like the Regio Theatre and the Palazzo Affari of the Chamber of Commerce in Turin, working side by side with Carlo Mollino, who designed both projects, and Felice Bertone, the engineering mind behind the complex structures. In 1973, together with Mollino and Bertone, he signed the project for the new facilities (never realized) of the Turin Transport Authority (ATM). Working as an independent professional from 1975, in 1983 he signed, as structural designer and project coordinator, the project signed by architect Hutter, the second classified in the competition for the construction of the Carlo Felice Theatre in Genoa. A member of the High Supervisory Commission of the University of Turin, and of the National Electrotechnical Institute Galileo Ferraris, Expert Witness appointed by the Judicial Authority in several courts, member of Arbiter Boards and expert witness in arbitrations dealing with public works contract, Lorenzo Buonomo was also the co-author (with Casavecchia, Campanini, Formantici, Santilli, of the publication Law for Architects, Land and Building Surveyors, and Engineers, U.T.E.T. Publishing, 1997). He also worked as Chief Engineer in the construction of the preliminary lots of the two-fold expansion of the Polytechnic University of Turin.