hospital - lagonegro (pz)

sector reference



lagonegro (pz)


ausl lagonegro

area of interest

mq 60.740

architectural project

buonomo veglia srl con studio maroscia e associati e olicar spa

structural project

studio d'alessandro gigliotti con buonomo veglia srl

fluids facilities project

exergia sas

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ospedale per acuti lagonegro


2007 - 2012


euro 99.555.916

electrical systems project

ing. enrico innocenzi

computer network and information system project

poliedra sanità spa, ceg spa

health care consulting

dr. mario borsotti


conscoop - olicar spa

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The Lagonegro hospital, with a surface of 61,000 m2 and 235 beds, is set to be an avant-garde healthcare facility from the structural, technological, and patient-care points of view. 
Set in the green landscape of the Basilicata Apennine mountain region, it will take advantage of its position to offer a pleasant view to the patients admitted in the wards, which are conceived as actual hotels, built based on a technological platform to accommodate 
the facilities’ various healthcare functions, from diagnosis to surgery.
The environment is user-friendly, connected to the city’s daily life through the presence on site of conference halls,  shops, a supermarket, and a restaurant-coffee shop with a panoramic terrace.
The architectonic body is conceived to minimize the environmental impact, is designed to use solar energy for the production of electric power and water heating, and will take advantage of the site’s characteristic features by exploiting the building’s orientation and position of the bodies. 
The latter will be coated in ventilated, recycled wood paneling and local stone slabs, alternating with large glass walls, shielded by brise-soleil blades, which will allow the interiors to be illuminated largely by natural light. 
They will be covered by green roofs, contributing to integrating the building to the surrounding natural view, improving winter temperature insulation, and reducing the heat load of summer months.
The hospital will be built on one single foundation plate that will work both as connection between the various buildings, and as rigid, structural box, on top of which the various bodies of differing heights, up to a maximum 20 meters, will rise. 
The structural plan is formed of an 8 x 8 x 3.6 m. grid, repeated and repeatable indefinitely, according to need, along the two x and y axes. This plan gives ample room for maximum flexibility in the configuration of interior spaces.
The building will fit in the existing environment following the natural contour of the hillside, 
reproducing its morphology. The buildings down the hill will have a green roof, with shrubs and trees. This choice will create a cooling effect, improving the energy efficiency of the structure in the summer season.

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