umberto I polyclinic - rome

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policlinico di roma umberto I

Architectural project

buonomo veglia srl, olicar s.p.a.

structural project

buonomo veglia srl

fluids facilities project

exergia s.a.s.

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policlinico umberto I


2009 - 2012


euro 3.297.767

electrical systems project

exergia s.s.s.

radiation protection project

dott. guido pedroli

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The new department PET (Positron Emission Tomography) is located in first underground floor to be carried out  under the front garden of the Radiology Center pavilion, adjacent physical and functional the existing Nuclear Medicine.
The project is based on a rigid separation between area “cold” and area “hot”.
The flows are separated by:
• patients with path “forward” from entrance to exit separate;
• staff, with entrance, exit and ancillary rooms and dedicated service;
• radiopharmaceuticals, with direct entrance from the outside to ‘”hot area”.
Great attention was paid to the aspect of the environments in which they were treated especially the details 
( materials, graphics and colors ) of floors and wall coverings.
The natural lighting of the underground rooms was built with a “sink” of light with glass roof equipped with plants from the greenhouse in the waiting area with conical skylights very visible from the outside Emerging from the garden above in the zone of the hot air circulation.
The artificial lighting is provided with management DALI for programmable color and intensity in continuous 
chromatic develops to create a soothing effect and harness the benefits of color therapy.

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