umberto parini “triangolo” and dyalisis - aosta






regione autonoma valle d'aosta


mq 6.200

progetto di architettonico

buonomo veglia srl, l+partners srl, solmona e vitali,

structural project

buonomo veglia srl

fluids facilities project

studio renato lazzerini

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triangolo e dialisi presidio ospedaliero umberto parini


2008 - 2009


euro 11.900.000

progetto impianti elettrici

metec e saggese

coordinamento sic

buonomo veglia srl, metec & saggese

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The works in question concern the executive project of internal works to the first underground floor of the new volume “Radiation” which will be located the Dialysis Service. 
The area available for the placement of the dialysis service at 1 st basement floor of the 
New Volume Radiotherapy is equal to 910 square meters.
The internal functions are organized according to flow distribution and longitudinally defining three functional zones: of entry, acceptance and patient visit, supervision of nursing and medical work,  and the last, facing outside, dedicated to the treatment rooms.
The treatment area is divided into two large rooms of 10 and 6 technicians, both with

boxes for patient treatment or in isolated peritoneal treatment. 
A part of the center of dialysis involves the use of procedures for the automated peritoneal dialysis. The rooms of dialysis are equipped for the treatment of the patient undergoing the procedure of peritoneal dialysis,  hospitalized or day hospital, by identifying in each of the insulated box.
The works identified in FASE B of this design include the partial restoration of the north and north-east of the original “mauriziana” structure of presidium. 
The new volumes are composed of a main plate designed for three floor for activities health and completed by technical level basement.
This volume is intended to accommodate the diagnostic imaging of Medicine Nuclear on the first floor basement the Endoscopy Service  of the ground floor and extension of areas of recovery at first floor.
On the first floor, interposed between the two volumes, is a central patio area equipped with roof garden, which, besides allowing the lighting and ventilation of the rooms facing it,
qualifies the functional area.
The theme of green is considered a guiding principle in the project. 
The roofs visible will be treated with surfaces with large roof garden, which represent an element of environmental improvement, contributing to the preservation of existing environment and the introduction of the new building with the least impact possible on the land.


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