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The Margaritelli factory in Rodallo di Caluso produces sleepers both in wood and prestressed concrete for the railroad equipment.
The new building called “annexed sleepers” is the expansion of the fabric that produces, with automation systems and sophisticated controls, prestressed concrete products with the technology  “post stretched sleeved wires”.
The structure of the new building is made in steel with IPE 360 h 500 cellular pillars and arched portals IPE 200.
Besides to the portals, the pillars also support the beams of the tracks of the bridge crane..
Purlins (IPE 160) bind the arched portals on the roof, both in the opaque and in translucent part.
The steel frame formed by horizontal and vertical profiles, wich support the façade panels and the gates, structurally connects pillars and portals; the braces are placed in the head spans and in a central span. 
The steel structure is set on plinths connected by a reinforced concrete slab, all based on micropiles.

The steel structure is sized and verified also for fatigue phenomena and to support the indicated forces of the bridge crane.
In commonly adopted solutions, the bracing tie-rods come into action only after the elastic deformation due to bending of the pillars.
However the bracing of the project are equipped with tensioners that allow tensioning the tie rods after the assembly of the structure. This arrangement causes the rod enters into action without waiting for the deformation (in the elastic field) of the steel frame, and therefore without the pillar ever being subjected to bending.




Rodallo di Caluso - 2018

€ 500,000.00

mq 400

Margaritelli s.p.a.

Buonomo Veglia srl - final project

Buonomo Veglia srl - structural project

renato lazzerini studio - plant and fluid design




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