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With over fifty years of experience in the field of architecture and civil engineering, Buono-mo Veglia Srl is a design company actively engaged in the realization of high-profile public and private projects.

The interdisciplinary structure of the company reflects our determination and capacity to produce integrated projects, where architecture, structures, and systems work organically together, so as to maximize efficiency and minimize the buildings’ construction and running costs.

From the feasibility study to the construction management, Project management is vital and makes us the ideal group leaders.

A versatile planning approach enabled the firm to reach for excellence in different fields and countries, with projects ranging in scale from single-family home to the 400-beds capacity healthcare facility of the Amedeo di Savoia Hospital (Turin) or Nizwa and Sohar Hospitals in Oman.

Public works include the redevelopment of Palazzo Nuovo, Department of Humanistic Studies of the University of Turin, icluding its new Library, the Museum of Toys and Children in Cormano or Algeria Pavilion for EXPO 2015 (Milano), Naxos Beach Resort in Sicily, Michelin Italia headquarters, and the land reclamation of the Teksid area in Avigliana (Torino), where we built the very first reactive permeable barrier in Italy.



All design choices are inspired by common rules for the different project categories:

research and innovation

Attention to the state of the art and constant Research to be technically and culturally up to date (BIM, Fire Engineering).

environmental friendliness

Interest and attention to the environment surroundings, within the limits of its value. Adoption of shapes, materials, and technologies that have a environmental and visual impact conforming to a predetermined choices.

Adoption and development of technology to the containment of energy consumption (using passive solar heating, natural ventilation, natural lighting, external shading, etc.).



Optimization and constant control of the cost-benefit ratio of the project, thanks to our Project Management approach.

integrated design

Collaboration between architecture and engineering at every stage of the project.


Simple and innovative results of the project.


Integrated design                                                                                Project management

Feasability studies                                                                              BIM

Preliminary, final and execution planning                                         Fire engineering

Construction management



Born in Andria in 1943, he graduated in Civil Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino in 1968.
He gained experience in the field as an assistant and, later, site manager within the company Construction ing. F. Bertone of Turin, participating in the realization of the Teatro Regio of Turin and the New Palace of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin. It’s an opportunity to work alongside Carlo Mollino, designer of the two works, and engineer Bertone, designer and calculator of their complex structures. In 1983 he took over the role of coordinator of the project presented by ARCAS in the contract for the construction of the tram depot in the Gerbido area of ATM.
In the same year, with the role of structural designer and general coordinator, he signed the project of the architect Hutter presented by the company ARCAS in the contract for the construction of the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa.
In the course of the years it has carried out activity of planning and direction works on direct assignments received is from societies and private entities (SIP now Telecom, Sanpaolo-IMI, group FIAT, Gilardini, Kelemata), is from public bodies (O.N.P.I., Regione Piemonte, Università di Torino, Camera di Commercio di Torino, Azienda ospedaliera S.Luigi di Orbassano, ASL 3 di Torino, etc.).
Anticipating the new rules now imposed by the legislation on public works, it began the development of executive designs in integrated form as early as 1988 with the construction of the new industrial plant with high technology (clean rooms) for the production of electronic components for the aircraft and military industry of a company of the Gilardini Group.
Always playing the role of coordinator and general designer, it expands the field of professional skills in the field of landfills. In association with the Bortolami-Di Molfetta Associate Study, he signed several landfill projects including the "barricalla" Category II C landfill for toxic hazardous waste.
The experience of group work is consolidated over time by developing numerous integrated projects of industrial plants (FIAT/CIEI, Marelli, Autoflug, SEPI Gilardini, Borletti, etc.).
Co-founder in 1998 of the Studio Associato Buonomo Veglia, Lorenzo Buonomo was a member of the High Supervisory Committees of the University of Turin and of the Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale Galileo Ferraris, Official consultant appointed by the Judicial Authority in several courts, member of arbitration boards or C.T.U. in arbitration in the field of public works contracts. He also played the role of Chief Engineer in the construction of the preliminary lots of the doubling of the Polytechnic of Turin.



Born in Turin in 1946, he graduated in Architecture in 1969.At the beginning of the 70s he collaborated with architects Giordanino, Dolza and Raineri and worked as a designer in the technical office of the company Dega. Since 1973 he has been a freelancer, owner of the Giuseppe Veglia Architecture and Urban Planning Studio.From this period are the residential complex of San Giacomo -with the Dega- and the renovation of the Royal Boarding School of Widows and Maidens -with Raineri-, both on the hill of Turin, and the restoration of the Central Antitubercular Dispensary of Alexandria, famous work of the architect Gardella.It was also the first of many positions in the field of school building: a middle school in Bisceglie.The victory, in 1972, of the national competition for a primary school in Alexandria with the architect Adriana Gillio, a school complex in Avigliana (1977-79), a school in Volvera (1980). From 1979-80 is the branch of the Sanpaolo Banking Institute of Donnas, with laminated wood structure.The 80s are marked by several orders for the Piedmont Region, including the Vocational Training Centres of San Mauro and Verzuolo, the offices of Alessandria and the renovation of Palazzo Solaro in Monasterolo in Saluzzo.The first assignment that he received from the University of Turin, in 1986, is the renovation of the building for the Department of Social Sciences in Via Sant'Ottavio.Then in 1989 the Biblioteca di Medicina e Chirurgia in corso Raffaello and in 1992 the Biblioteca Interdipartimentale of Palazzo Nuovo, in collaboration with Lorenzo Buonomo, Together they signed the construction of the new building for the departments of cardiology, otolaryngology and orthopaedics of the Maria Vittoria Hospital in Turin and the projects for the San Giovanni Battista Hospital in Rome (International Competition, 2nd place), the seat of the Faculty of Biology in Alexandria (International Competition, 2nd place), the Amedeo Hospital of Savoy in Turin (International Competition, 1st place).In the field of private construction, he has been the author of executive plans for management, residential complexes, villas and housing units.With Studio Buonomo Veglia he holds the position of designer and director of works for the new Michelin offices in Turin.He carried out tests and expert reports on behalf of the Piedmont Region, the City of Turin, and the University of Turin, including the ongoing testing of the renovation of the former Bona wool mill in Carignano, by Alberto Sartoris.




Partner, Technical Director, Project Manager, Structural Designer, Fire Designer, Works Manager, Specialist Competence Integrator and Safety Coordinator. Born in Botricello (CZ) in 1965.Degree in Civil Engineering Building achieved at the Polytechnic of Turin on 18/02/1992.

Degree in Civil Engineering Transport obtained at the Polytechnic of Turin on 28/02/1995.Licensed to practice the profession since 1992.

Member of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Turin from 1992 to n. 6552F.

Since 1993 he collaborates with the study of engineer Buonomo. Before becoming a member of Studio Buonomo Veglia in 2003, he also carried out independent practice. Among the works carried out on its own are the regulatory adaptation of school buildings for the Municipality of Turin and the Province of Turin, the extension and renovation of the Rivetti pool in Biella, the adaptation of the Experimental Center of the Faculty of Agriculture in Turin.




Partner, architectural designer, specialist competence integrator and safety coordinator.

Born in Turin in 1982.Master's degree in Architecture obtained at the Polytechnic of Turin on 15/07/2009.

Qualified to practice the profession since 2011. Member of the Order of Architects of the Province of Turin from 2012 to n. 8733.

Certificate of attendance pursuant to the Consolidated Safety Act D.Lgs. 81/2008.
Since 2006 she has been collaborating with Buonomo Veglia srl, for which she has worked on several projects including the Parini hospital in Aosta, the San Luigi hospital in Orbassano (TO), the New Hospital for Acute in Lagonegro, the Library of Fiorano, the department of Nuclear Medicine of the Policlinico Umberto I of Rome, of the hotel complex in Giardini Naxos, of the adaptation according to the Martini Hospital of Turin and of Palazzo Nuovo, university center of the humanities faculty of Turin, of which it follows the Direction Jobs.
In addition, as a specialist competence integrator, he participated in the design of two hospitals in Nizwa and Sohar in Oman and in the final project divided into five lots for the restructuring of the Modena Polyclinic, acquiring particular competence in the activity of PM and in the use of the BIM methodology.



Born in Turin in 1968. Since 1986 he collaborates with the studio of Giuseppe Veglia then continuing in the studio Buonomo Veglia. 
He’s the head of computer science.



Graphic, architectural visualizer specialized in 3D renderings.
Born in Turin in 1992.
Master’s degree in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin on 24/07/2020.
Specialized in BIM modeling combinated with virtual reality and subsequent creation of rendering, he is part of the team Buonomoveglia for two years, dealing with 2D design on CAD or Revit, to the next renderings phase up to the final graphics and publication phase.

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