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Genova 2009

buonomo veglia srl   architettura ingegneria

There are two different troubles regarding the outplacement of the library and the archives into the spaces identified in Tobia Pallavicino’s building.
The first is represented by the need to insert the typical and specialised functions, as reading facilities, into the context of an historical building full of high artistical quality constructing elements, considered “untouchables”. The second is represented by the difficulty of link internally the new projected part with the pre-existence and the entrance in Via Garibaldi.

euro 1.000.000

mq 808

Camera di Commercio di Genova

Buonomo Veglia srl, PAT architetti associatI - progetto concorso 

Stefano Veglia - progetto illuminotecnico 

Studio Renato Lazzareni - progetto impianti meccanici

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buonomo veglia srl

Architettura Ingegneria

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