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Fiorano Modenese 2006 - 2011

The Administration of Fiorano Modenese decided in 2006 to create, in a single building, the new headquarters for the municipal library, for the historical archive and for the playroom and, to this end, it launched a design and construction management competition .
The goal was to make the services usable by optimizing staff and functions where possible, placing the activities in places of architectural and environmental quality.
Buonomo Veglia and Area Progetti won the tender by proposing a building that took into account the different needs, with an architectural style strongly characterized by the use of locally produced materials, able to win over new users and involve those who are now loyal. Numerous strategies for improving services and marketing have been implemented towards them, aimed at making the relationship with the new structure as solid and continuous as possible.
The environments in this case, rather than a spirit of seduction, express great comfort, a precise functionality:
the various parts are evident and the functions recognizable.
The principles underlying the design of the Fiorano Library are:
• architectural clarity which translates into simplicity of volumes and shapes. The relatively small size of the intervention requires that the total volume is not fragmented but merged into a few significant volumes, with reduced formal typologies.
The use of a limited range of materials (mainly glass, ceramic and steel) increases the understanding of the building and helps contain costs.
• simplification and rationality of the construction elements according to the state of the art.
• modularity of proportions, dimensions and elements based on small numbers.
• industrialization of construction as an aid to achieve the other objectives and high quality standards and certainty of the times.
• use of local materials, in this case ceramic in various forms, with characteristics chosen among the most innovative.
The building was inaugurated on 1 October 2011.

The building was conceived as a union of two intersecting parallelepipeds.
This image (an open book) must be evident and determines the architectural choices.
Each constructive element must not distract but emphasize this characteristic.
Curtains and sunshades
In order not to disturb the volumes, the "skin" must be perceived as continuous: there are no protrusions or recesses. The curtain walls are made with sandwich panels in galvanized steel, with rock wool insulation (environmentally friendly) with a thickness of 15 cm, fixed to a galvanized steel cabin. Externally they are clad with a ventilated façade with ceramic plates and internally with a fiber-reinforced plaster counterwall.
Between the portions of the blind wall (in correspondence with the windows) the interval is closed, flush with the facade, by grilled panels in expanded metal, as a function of both sunshades and parapet (on the first floor) or protection (ground floor).
The material and finish are such as to conform to the ceramic material of the facades.
The size of the expanded metal mesh allows the sun to enter in the winter but prevents it in the summer.
Stained glass windows
They completely fill (from floor to ceiling) the vertical gaps between the facade panels and are composed of identical modules, single or multiple according to the needs of internal lighting.
They can be opened to allow natural ventilation and protected externally by grilled sunscreen panels (which can be opened for access to the outside on the ground floor) except those of the newspaper library-cafeteria in order to allow maximum external / internal visibility and create a contrast with the volumes of the library.
The flat roof of the high body houses the thermal solar panels for the production of all domestic hot water and the photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity.
Rainwater is recovered and used for the irrigation of green areas.

euro 3,025,130

mq 1.744

Municipality of Fiorano Modenese

Buonomo Veglia, Project area - architectural project

Buonomo Veglia, Project area - structural project

Studio Renato Lazzareni - mechanical systems design

el srl engineering service - electrical systems project

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