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buonomo veglia srl   architettura ingegneria

The type of contract included the placing in permanent safety of waste and the implementation of new monitoring points of the environmental matrices, as well as a first campaign of monitoring of groundwater and air quality control outside the construction site.
After completing the remediation it has been planned analytical work of checking the quality of the environmental compartments, surface water drainage, landfill gas.
In particular, the monitoring of surface drainage water will run for five years and six months; It will be accomplished by withdrawing n. 1 sample from one well prepared before the connection to the irrigation perimeter channel.


garosso-gonzole, orbassano 2006 - 2009

euro 15,330,000

mq 20.000

municipality of Orbassano

Buonomo Veglia srl, Bortolami-Di Molfetta srl - final and executive project, dl

Buonomo Veglia - structural project




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buonomo veglia srl

Architettura Ingegneria

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