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The Ilva of Taranto is the largest industrial complex for steel processing in Europe. The goal of the new property, Arcelor Mittal, is to reduce dioxin emissions by building giant roofs that will cover the Ilva OMO mineral parks. The barrel covering has the essential task of blocking the dispersion of the coal dust used to feed the blast furnaces. It has a floor area of ​​over 42,000 square meters (almost 6 football fields), it is 385 long, 110 wide and 42 meters high.
The project involves the use of 3,000 tons of steel with an incidence of 71 Kg / sqm.
The roof is a modular structure assembled in blocks of several spans which, mounted on trolleys, are subsequently pushed into their final position without interrupting the underlying industrial activity. 
The main structure is made of steel trusses of the S460M and S460N type and the steel shafts and secondary structure is S355JR. The static scheme consists of circular arches with two 110-meter light hinges set on a reinforced concrete base. 
The arches, formed by curved reticular beams braced by elements arranged diagonally and by orthogonal elements at the upper and lower currents, are placed at a distance of 6.2 meters. On the orthogonal elements at the upper currents are laying above the corrugated sheets of the roof covering.
For the structural calculation the semi-probabilistic limit state method have been adopted. In particular, the requirements for safety at the ultimate limit state (also under seismic action) and at the limit state of operation were met.
With regard to seismic actions, relative deformations were also examined.
The numerical analysis was carried out using the MasterSap calculation program according to the provisions of Ministerial Decree 17.01.2018, Technical Standards for Construction.
Great care has been taken to guarantee the durability of the structure through appropriate procedures to be followed not only in the design, but also in the construction, maintenance and management phases .
All the necessary precautions have been taken to preserve the physical and dynamic characteristics of the materials in consideration of the environment in which the building will have to live and the load cycles to which it will be subjected, above all in the complex phase of construction and assembly.

The same care has been taken in designing the assembly sequences conditioned by the need not to interrupt the activity of the steel plant.
In fact, the construction of the long tunnel was planned in ashlars to be mounted in an area at the head of the OMO Park so that the construction and assembly site does not interfere with the activity of the steel plant.
A system of temporary carriages allows the segments to be moved to their final position.


Taranto - 2009 - in corso

€ 15,000,000.00

mq 42.000


Buonomo Veglia srl - final project

Buonomo Veglia srl - structural project




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