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buonomo veglia srl   architettura ingegneria

From a technical standpoint, the BV- Bortolami-di Molfetta project was divided into 3 hydraulically independent sections. Such partition offers a number of advantages:
-it reduces the production of leachate;
-it reduces the visual impact of the waste disposal plant;
-it reduces the financial risk, by coordinating the sequence of construction of the sections with the  advancement of waste delivery;
-it reduces the risk of pollution, reducing the magnitude of a possible contamination incident.
For this intervention was adopted a rigorous system of waterproofing, by reinforcing the dump site soil with clay and geotextiles.


località Camposordo, Matiie- 1997 - 2003

€ 4,307,054

mq 30.359

a.c.s.e.l. valsusa

Geie area, project area, PATarchitetti associated, - architectural project, safety and construction supervision




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buonomo veglia srl

Architettura Ingegneria

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