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Cormaro 2006 - 2010

A former cotton mill in Cormano (Milano) is the site of the new Toys and Child Museum, a children’s library and a theatre.

The complex is called Bì, Fabbrica del Gioco e delle Arti (Recreation and Arts Factory), it spreads across an area of over 2.000 sqm, and aims to become a lively hub for public life in Milan’s hinterland.

Bì is a significant example of refunctionalization of Italy’s industrial archeology sites, the fruit of the recuperation of a cotton mill dating back to the early nineteen- hundreds, restored and expanded with the addition of a playful (and colorful) body: a pilotis-mounted parallelepiped streaked in a bright zebra pattern, with cone-shaped skylights on the roof. This new construction is the home of the Museum of Toys, featuring the exceptional collection of playthings gathered in over fifty years by antique dealer Paolo Franzini Tibaldeo, a collection including historic pieces spanning from the 1600’s to the 1970’s.

The structure of the old cotton mill features a library and a 300-seats theatre, run by Teatro del Buratto, an innovative youth and children civic theatre company, which, over the past 35 years has distinguished itself by a constant quest for excellence.

The new museum facilities house theatre labs and children plays, open to schools during the week.

For the project, signed by a lineup of professional firms, Buonomo Veglia took over the architectural and structural design of the site, collaborating with 5+1 aa, area_progetti, and David Palterer. The project was awarded following a bid for tender in the fall of 2005.

euro 3,820,000

mq 2.000

Municipality of Cormaro

5 + 1 aa with project area srl, Buonomo Veglia srl, David Palterer - architectural project

Buonomo Veglia srl, Progetti srl area - structural project

2c engineering srl - mechanical systems design

construction cooperative bricklayers pa - companies and suppliers

2c engineering srl - electrical systems design

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