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buonomo veglia srl   architettura ingegneria


turin - 2015 competition

The reorganization project of the nineteenth-century complex involves the demolition of some more recent buildings, unconstrained and with no architectural value, and the construction of new buildings called L and M, respectively for high-tech hospital wards and services the former, and for drug addiction assistance the latter.

Inside the renovated historic buildings, there are Services and Operating Units that do not require invasive interventions.

While a newly built underground slab, located between the Birago di Vische, the Amedeo di Savoia and the new L building, is intended to house the Technological Center, the canteen and a conference room open to the public.

euro 45,904,771

235 beds +35 day hospital

asl 3 Torino

Buonomo Veglia srl ​​Parent company - arch. V. Valetti - architectural project

Buonomo Veglia srl ​​- icis sr - structural design

Renato Lazzerin studio - mechanical systems design

el srl - electrical systems design

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buonomo veglia srl

Architettura Ingegneria

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