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Rome 1995 - 1996 competition

buonomo veglia srl   architettura ingegneria

The hospital of S. Giovanni Addolorata is one of the oldest in Rome, already active in the Middle Ages for the care of pilgrims. It rises above an important archaeological area, which includes, among others, the houses of the Marcus Aurelius family, to be preserved and enhanced.

It currently consists of numerous buildings, from different periods from 600 to the present day.

The project, in addition to providing for the complete renovation of the hospital, is focused on the development of both internal and external connections, through a multi-storey car park linked to the various departments and public transport networks, by a shuttle service.

The Congress Center and the Rooms for freelance intra-moenia are housed in some of the renewed historical buildings which were abandoned.

The excavation of the archaeological area located under the current squares is planned and will be visible by glass galleries connecting the entrance hall with the pavilions by means of a moving walkway.

€ 90,000,000

mq 50.000

San Giovanni and Addolorata Hospital

Buonomo Veglia srl ​​- architectural project

Buonomo Veglia srl ​​- structural project

Renato Lazzerin studio - mechanical systems design

el srl engineering service - electrical systems design

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buonomo veglia srl

Architettura Ingegneria

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