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Milan 2014 - 2015 competition

The exhibition aims to introduce visitors to Algerian Government extensive resources and commitment for a nation based on tradition but with a huge potential for food production and development.

The ground floor is divided into two main areas: Exhibition Hall and Restaurant.

The Exhibition Hall include three areas: the first one is named Oasis and recalls the atmosphere of the agorà and the souk. It illustrates the ancient history of food production as well the variety and richness of the Algerian land and sea.

The space is fully surrounded with perforated panels as the traditional Algerian pattern Moucharabia. The niches display images and objects including a masterpiece: the Roman mosaic “Nymphe Cyrène” dating end of the III Century / beginning of the II century AC.

A video documentary (made in Algeria for this special occasion) is projected on a large elliptical screen suspended in the center of the space while the history and geography of Algeria is shown on screens embedded in the walls.

The preparation of the traditional Algerian food is a topic in the second area.

Is located in the corner next to the restaurant entrance and bordered by a large, curved screen. In this area, a six-minute movie shows a mother teaching her daughter (and visitors) about the art of traditional cuisine.

The third area is located next to the main exit and is conceived to promote tourism: it hosts the distribution of promotional material and gadgets, the exhibition of handy craft objects and philately on the theme of EXPO and allows public to obtain, as a souvenir, a copy of a VISA passport.

The Restaurant, next to the Exhibition Hall, can host thirty diners placed at tables.

Its perforated ceiling is shaped as a half barrel. Bottom mirrored walls multiply the visual space, and a large modern chandelier reinterprets the Arabian archetype.

The first floor is a private area for the Commissioner and his guests with offices and space for meetings. The large rectangular room is divided longitudinally with a two-faced bench, with a high backrest, shaped as typically Arabic.

Aligned on the walls, one side hosts the VIP reception: a large screen shows, as in a window, the images simultaneously showed on the elliptical screen on the ground floor. On the other side, a selection of local products and dishes will be offered to guests.

A patchwork of typical Algerians carpets fully covers the floor and the bench and rare art objects are exposed in the wall niches offering a special atmosphere.

euro 1,614,285

mq 850

algeria general commissioner for expo 2015

Buonomo Veglia srl ​​- executive project and artistic direction

Studio De Ferrari Architetti - executive project and artistic direction

Bodino Engineering srl - general contractor

Buonomo Veglia srl ​​- coordination and safety

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buonomo veglia srl

Architettura Ingegneria

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