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buonomo veglia srl   architettura ingegneria


Dubai 2020 competition

A tidy and regular space of perception, wich perimeter is conceptually traced by infinite big bags of BoPet (the reflective polyester mylar that  protects the artificial satellites the Luxembourg is the world-leader manager) filled with sand of the Dubai desert, welcomes the arrival of a world that shows itself in a continuous scenario of luminous images.
The volume is a simple parallelepiped with a removable steel structure of suspended cellular beams and pillars, made in Luxembourg  where they’l return after the Expo to be reused.

Besides being reusable, the pavilion can be disassembled and adapted to multiple situations. The materials, sand and steel, are infinitely recyclable. It is the circular economy.
Comfort is guaranteed by natural assisted cooling, with ventilation chimneys where air is cooled by atomised evaporating water, and by radiant floors and night ventilation.
Scenography and multimedia
The floor seems empty and totally walkable. But the height of the landing world forces visitors to a peripheral path. The orbits around the central sphere, allow to discover the moving images rear-projected on the sphere. 
Vertical cuts of video open BoPet’s big bags walls deepening the themes appearing on the central world: the energy history, traditions, activities and projects of Luxembourg. A mirror on the floor reflects the the canopy images.

€ 5.716.000

mq 3500

GIE Luxembourg@Expo2020DUBAI.

Buonomoveglia srl, PAT design, studio De Ferrari - Coordination, architectural project, security management and fire prevention

Open doors sas - Scenography

Buonomoveglia srl - Structural project

Buro Happold Dubai - Electrical systems & Fluids facilities project


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buonomo veglia srl

Architettura Ingegneria

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