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Moena - 2013 competition

The Moena Municipality, in the context of the Alpine Pearls project, intends to fully pedestrianize the city center.
In order to achieve this goal was scheduled the construction of two parking lots one upstream and one downstream of the town. The downstream parking lot has already been achieved as a ground level car park.
The upstream parking, object of this project, it has been hypothesized as a multi-storey  rotation car park with the possibility of also realize private boxes.
During 2013 Municipality, through a competition gathered ideas for the construction of multi-storey car park and its road accommodation.
The ideas have emerged, however, they gave indications appreciated with regard to environmental integration and external appearance, but not economically and operationally sustainable.
Our project is based on a functional logic and rationality, while taking account of environmental information that emerged from the competition.
It realistically interprets and reconciles with the economic feasibility of the municipal administration’s intentions, primarily feasibility, as emerged from the various meetings held with us and with our local collaborator. The project should be implemented by a Project Financing of private initiative. The concession woul be thirty-year.

euro 15,678,500

mq 6.500

municipality of Moena

Buonomo Veglia srl, PAT associated architects - architectural project

Buonomo V eglia srl - structural design

Buonomo V eglia srl - project coordination

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buonomo veglia srl

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