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Rome 2009 - 2012 competition

The new PET department is located in a basement to be built under the garden in front of the Central Radiology pavilion, physically and functionally adjoining the existing Nuclear Medicine.

The project is based on a strict separation between the "Cold" and "Hot" areas.

The flows are separated for:

 • Patients, with a "forward" path from entrance to exit.

 • Staff, with dedicated entrance, exit, ancillary and service rooms.

 • Radiopharmaceuticals, with direct access from the outside to the "hot area".

The aesthetics of these environments have been taken care of, with particular attention to the finishes (materials, graphics and colors) of the floors and walls.

The natural lighting of the underground rooms is provided by a well of light with a glass roof, equipped with greenhouse plants in the waiting area, and with conical skylights, emerging from the garden above, in the pathways of the hot area.

Artificial lighting is equipped with DALI management system, controlling color and intensity, in continuous chromatic evolution. This creates a soothing environment following the chromotherapy best practices.

€ 3,297,767


Policlinico di Roma Umberto I

Buonomo Veglia, Olicar spa - architectural project

Buonomo Veglia - structural project

Exergia spa - mechanical systems project

Dr. Guido Pedroli - radiation protection project

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Architettura Ingegneria

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