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Riccione 2017 competition

The City of Riccione in 2017 launched a design competition to “regenerate the panoramic school”, to demolish and rebuild an existing school on Viale Panoramica.
Main aspects of the plot: rectangular narrow shape, dense vegetation, urban context with tall buildings.
The new building has an elongated shape,  with NE/SW axis, placed at center of the plot to reduce the effect of the shadows of surrounding buildings. The connection with the district is reinforced by a Civic Center that provides citizens a library, gym and multipurpose hall.
The garden is divided between the school (east and south) and the public (west and north), with children playground and neighbourhood gardens.
The flat roof is accessible. The north side is for photovoltaic panels. The south one is a garden/orchard that returns the land occupied by the building and allows, beyond hygrothermal benefits and the leisure use, the expansion of the educational and Civic Center areas. 
The control of solar radiation on the glass surfaces is by mobile screens. The artificial lighting system has LED sources, with remote control and DALI integration of natural/artificial light.
The materials are selected to reduce the environmental footprint, looking for recycled content, regionality, the origin from renewable sources, the presence of environmental certifications.
The passive and active strategies for the optimization of the building / plant system aim at achieving a Zero Energy Building.

€ 2.400.000 

mq 7.400

Comune di Riccione

Buonomoveglia srl - Coordination, architectural project, health management and fire prevention

Buonomoveglia srl - Structural project

Marina Bertiglia - Pedagogical consultant

Marco Filippi, Elisa Sirombo - Sustainibility and environment


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buonomo veglia srl

Architettura Ingegneria

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