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Venaria Reale 2012

The project was developed based on the content of the Decalogue in the New Model of Hospital by architect Renzo Piano, that have an impact in terms of organizational model, distribution and technology.
The structure  is designed as architecture nestled in the surrounding environment in order to marry into a harmonic blend landscape. The distribution of internal spaces and the location of the respective departments and pertinences and dependencies, has been particularly so as to obtain an optimization the presence of medical and nursing staff. The proximity of departments pertaining to a single specialty then allow rationalization of harmonic turns of nursing and medical staff.
The functional scheme  and physical architecture is composed of a single rectangular volume with a base of m 48 x56 and a height of 12 m.  In the 4 corners are placed the bodies of vertical connections (people, goods and facilities). The ground floor is crossed by a “middle path” onto which the services with greater use (CUP, blood test  center, diagnostic imaging, first aid). The street hospital performs two main functions: to connect in a simple and faster physically non-contiguous sites, and to give immediate and clear vision to users and visitors, ease of orientation, reduction of displacement, and emphasizes the importance to be given to the signage.
The first floor is occupied by all the surgeries and the Sanitary Direction. At the center of the plan is formed  a patio realized on the cover to “green roof” of the ground floor and  accessible by users of the facility.
The second floor is for to hospitalization: the  general medicine, and the day hospital.
The architectural and structural module chosen is a prism with square base of 8 m and with a height of 4 m. The module supports: a precise modeling of the volume as needed with economies of scale by repetition; modifiability internal and partly external through time, without distortions, and post construction; more precisely and speed in construction (industrialized building). The plant based on a grid of 8x8 m simplifies the rational design of spaces relating to the various functions and their easy modification to the needs change over time. The planning was based on a decision model which takes account of five  fundamental parameters: cost, time, quality, ecology (environmental impact of materials and energy performance of the building) and security. All the materials chosen are natural materials, recycled or recyclable materials.

€ 14,208,300

mq 6.200

scr Piemonte

Buonomo Veglia srl ​​- architectural project

Buonomo Veglia srl ​​- structural project

Manensn, tifs - mechanical systems project

Manensn, tifs - electrical systems design

PAT associated architects - safety coordination

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buonomo veglia srl

Architettura Ingegneria

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