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Avigliana - Buttigliera Alta - 2004 - 2005

The intervention over the Teksid area (with Studio Bertolami Di Molfetta), for the reclamation and safety containment of land from chloride solvents and metals included, for the first time in Italy, the realization of a Permeable Reactive Barrier. The PRB works rather simply: a layer of permeable reactive material (zero-valent iron) is placed within a diaphragm dug into the subsoil, until it reaches ground-water level. The contact between contaminating agents transported in the water in its natural flow, and the reactive material, triggers oxidoreduction chemical reactions, which produce a degradation of the chloride solvents into non-hazardous compounds.

The intervention also includes the realization of a protective capping over the entire area, and the creation of a car park and cross-bike track.

5,387,560 euros

mq 60.000


Geie area, project area, PATarchitetti associated, - architectural project, safety and construction supervision

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buonomo veglia srl

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